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Today, the ComDev Expert Consultation starts

Today, over 30 experts from all over the World will convene at FAO Headquarters in Rome to discuss about the state of the art of Communication for Development.

The situation is uncertain. Users and professionals of development lost confidence with the concept of ComDev and are not any more able to fully distinguish it form traditional communication.

For the few who does not have a clear idea about the topic, have a look at Mario Acunzo’s interview. I also remind the definition of ComDev has formulated during the World Congress on Communication for Development in 2006 at FAO:

Communication for Development (ComDev) is a social process based on dialogue using a broad range of tools and methods. ComDev is about seeking change at different levels including listening, establishing trust, sharing knowledge and skills, building policies, debating and learning for sustained and meaningful change. It is not public relations or corporate communication. (WCCD, The Rome Consensus). The ComDev process goes beyond information dissemination to facilitate active participation and stakeholder dialogue. It highlights the importance of raising awareness, the cultural dimensions of development, local knowledge, experiential learning, information sharing and the active participation of rural people and other stakeholders in decision making

Experts will gather to understand what happened in the most recent years and formulate guidelines on how to proceed further, find a better positioning and design a new offer.

You can follow the event through the outputs of the Social Reporting Team on twitter, picasa, youtube, blog and on this blog.

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WCCD – World Conference on Communication for Development

A very good occasion for us interested in Communication for development: The first World Congress on Communication for Development is going to take place in Rome, Italy the 25, 26 and 27 of October, 2006.

It is a very good occasion to meet and talk about our different way to approach the problem of communicating in development activities. I’ll be there, with a special event on “Building online communities and network”. Let’s meet.

The World Congress on Communication for Development