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Talking about ICT4D

We met Tim Unwin, yesterday morning at FAO. Many interesting points on the table while talking about ICT4D and several interesting answers to the questions of the large number of people listening to his intervention.

Just few thoughts I collected:

“the web was considered at the beginning like a SOCIAL movement rather than a technological event”
“the power of LISTENING TO people”
“we consider fundamental to help people find THEIR solutions to their problems”

I keep collecting these kind of thoughts because I find extremely important to dig into the huge amount of discussion on the Web, the technology, the usability of tools, the management of knowledge, and other related topics. It is my attempt to let emerge the basics of these disciplines, that I believe to be simpler than we can think.

Comparing these notes with others collected during similar events, I think I’ll be able to create a sort of collection of principles to get inspiration from.

In the meanwhile, thinking about the ICT4D conference in December 2010 in London, I hope we can set up a proposal to present the activity on Rural radio, that is the kind of “ICT for development” we are specifically promoting around the world.

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MobileActive 08

Mobile for development is definitely taking off and many events which celebrate its applications, can help collecting knowledge and experiences.

This is the time of Mobile Active 08, in Johannesburg, South Africa from 13 to 15 October 2008. Entitled Unlocking the Potential of Mobile Technology for Social Impact, this international fair co-organized by SangoNet, will gather everyone interested in the use and application of mobile phones for development projects around a quite interesting and intensive agenda.

How to follow it for afar? Many different ways, just choose one: