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Mobile and desktop PC: today married

Pc and mobile phone can easily go together. Take your desktop pc, add a small Bluetooth USB adapter (with a laptop you don’t need it), download the software from the site of the mobile phone company (if you have a Nokia as I have, you find it here), get the two devices connected!

At this step you can start synchronizing data in the two devices. You have two options: an easy way if you just prefer to manage the mobile phone on the big screen and comfortable keyboard of your PC; or  in a more sophisticate way, if you want to move up and down different kind of files.

Let’s see them:

– if you stored on the phone images got in the field, voice interviews made during meetings, videos recorded while visiting sites of interest, data collected in the field, etc., then, whenever in front of the desktop, switch on the Bluetooth connection (or you plug-in your connecting cable) and move the items from the phone to the hard disk of the pc. Once everything is there, you can start sharing the material with people who were not in the field;

Gphone – on the other side, you can think about connecting the mobile to the Internet and distribute your material directly from the phone. To do that you need some software on your phone. Skype for mobileSome example? You want to access your mail box on Gmail? Today you can with the Gmail application. You want to verify if the stock of products created by artisans you support have been sold already? Download the eBay client from here. You need to chat and exchange files with partners? Use the Skype client for mobile devices. You want to verify your colleagues’ willingness for a meeting next Tuesday? Connect to the office common calendar and book the afternoon or check with the GMaps application where the meeting is.

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