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My greatest satisfaction!

What you see in this image is one of my greatest satisfaction ever!

AFE at work

My mother, on the right side, is using Google Images, to identify actors on historical movie pictures. This is necessary in her job to archive thousands of photos of the ASC – Archivio Storico del Cinema, my father’s historical archive of movie pictures.

She discovered the Web recently but now she is a great fan!

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State fo the Blogosphere 2009

Technorati just released the latest “State of the Blogosphere 2009“. It is a very useful and interesting collection of data about the blogosphere. Actual trends and needs are coming out from the report. I’ll be back after reading it to reflect on the data.

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Social media is taking place on Google

This morning I found out that Google interface is changed.

As you can see on the image, new buttons have been added to the screen while reading the list of results.


Three new features are now available:

  • promote
  • remove
  • comment

Just checking techcrunch, and reading the Google blog, it seems like I won’t be one of the few testers able to see it (remember my post called Google and knowledge management some months ago???) but one of the usual million users who will benefit!


Google and knowledge management

As described in a post on TechCrunch called “Is This The Future Of Search?” and as appearing in this Video proposed by Adrian Pike, Google is getting closer and closer to amplifying its core activities, the Search, with some Knowledge management flavor.

Google screenshot

Google digg-style screenshot

As you can see from the image above, this approach will offer users the opportunity to: manage search results, rate them, redefine the list of results, cancel results and add comments.

So doing, it seems like the “next” search will be deeply influenced by KM activities, precooked by other surfers on the same keyword. Google by definition is an engineer company: automation and machine-driven activities have been a given approach until now. Things seem to be changing and a new “victory” of collaboration is on the way!

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Bill is “behind” but is far ahaed!

Summer time is such a good moment to spend time reading. I just read John Battelle’s book, “The search” and I found out that there is a man who invented so many interesting things that I couldn’t believe. I’m talking about Bill Gross. He is a great guy, he is a mind. Most of the innovations shown up by Google in their business model were invented by Bill in his exceptional experience of Overture, the company he founded and sold to Yahoo.

Now Bill is still around the Internet with his former company, IdeaLab, an incubator that produced things like Picasa and snap.

I think it is very important to recognize these kind of people to distinguish who DOES things from who talks.