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AMARC Asia Pacific Conference – Day 2

Interesting morning dedicated to two major topics: radio for Disaster Risk Reduction and radio for Food Security or Food Sovereignty, as the chair preferred to define it.

Examples on how the radio reacted and supported efforts in Japan, after the Kobe earthquake, and in Indonesia, after tsunami in Aceh, gave an interesting perspective about the role of radio in post natural disaster conditions. While the training radio of the Secretariat of Pacific Community explained how the radio can be used for specific purposes and produce adequate responses.

The debate on Food Security was not only on the food for itself but related to many other surroundings topics like: the local knowledge on food, the techniques for food production and indigenous food. Many people are dedicating radio programs to the creation of a tradition of local food, in the perspective of giving value to nutrition habits and create local Slow Food experiences.

The afternoon, as usual, was dedicated to individual workshops. I followed the one on Community Radio in the Philippines. The panelist gave a brief description of various radios born in collaboration with the Local Government Unit (LGU). He explained how they were able, not being independent by definition, to serve in some cases the territory without political pressures, while in others they were transformed in media center serving the political part of the mayor of the LGU which created the radio station.

In the late afternoon, I had the chance to meet several broadcasters and, in particular, almost the whole delegation from Afghanistan which has been very numerous and active during these days even if language was quite an obstacle.

I also heard the very interesting story of Sunil, from Sri Lanka, who decided, after serving for 30 years in a Community Radio, not to retire but to set up a new webradio, to preserve his experience!

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AMARC Asia Pacific 2nd Regional Conference Begins

Very positive impressions after Day one of the AMARC Asia Pacific 2nd Regional Conference that has just started this morning in Bangalore, India.

After the morning Plenary sessions dedicated to the topics of main interest for the members as “Airwaves for Sustainability and Justice” and “Radio friendly legislation in Asia Pacific“, the afternoon was divided into several workshops.

I joined the one about the idea of creating a regional news agency to serve AMARC members but not only. During the discussion, the need of stronger networking among members was clearly stated by the majority of the participants: knowledge sharing is a main issue also in this context.

I think we, at FAO, have the knowledge to provide a major support both on the idea of setting up the news agency and on the side of increasing networking activities.


Share Fair 09 already finished

Ok, the Share Fair is well finished and I keep on putting pieces together after that nice, funny, interesting, free, relaxing, tiring, visionary week.

Soon, I’m going to blog some internal reflections.

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MobileActive 08

Mobile for development is definitely taking off and many events which celebrate its applications, can help collecting knowledge and experiences.

This is the time of Mobile Active 08, in Johannesburg, South Africa from 13 to 15 October 2008. Entitled Unlocking the Potential of Mobile Technology for Social Impact, this international fair co-organized by SangoNet, will gather everyone interested in the use and application of mobile phones for development projects around a quite interesting and intensive agenda.

How to follow it for afar? Many different ways, just choose one:

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New connection for the South of the world

It is called O3b and stands for other3billion: that’s to say the 3 billion people who are not connected yet to the Internet. It is a new initiative funded by Google, Liberty Global, and HSBC to build a new telecommunications infrastructure, with 16 satellites, offering high-speed, low-cost Internet connectivity to emerging countries.

The service is supposed to become active in 2010. It seems very close, so I suggest we immediately start thinking how to exploit this new potentiality, preparing new mobile and Internet services of the future.

In this sense, I very much agree with Dion Hinchcliffe when, mentioning the peculiarities of the web, he underlies the need for a deeper knowledge of its mechanism. I see it fundamental to well interpret the Internet and get the best out of it.

The Jakob’s law

“Users spend most of their time on other sites”

can be a good stimulus in this sense.

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Impressions after the KM4DEV 2008 meeting

The meeting is finished and we are back in our offices. Obviously everything changes after 90 people gathered for few days to discuss and share what they do everyday.

Now the network is definitely enlarged, the experience is deeper, the material shared is a ton, the fun was great and, more than everything, the feeling and the trust in the group is deeper and purer than before.

A great bunch of material has been produced and shared during and after the meeting. As it’s clear from the list of impressions collected in the final session, people brought a lot of their own at this meeting.

neoluk - View my 'km4dev 2008 Lisboa' set on Flickriver

…and also on the blog:
…and on You Tube:
…and on Flickr:

I know I’m writing something that is so simple and logic, BUT I felt once again that “saying is something” while “experiencing is something else“, so different. So reminding these ideas can be useful.

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Km4dev 2008 started in Lisboa

The annual KM4DEV meeting just started in Lisboa today with a preliminary day dedicated to introductory activities about the group and the theme of KM. Read more in the km4dev 2008 meeting blog and more than that have a look at the pictures in the km4dev group on flickr. Pretty soon, some videos will be available as well.

Network mapping

Network mapping

Network mapping was a very interesting activity we dedicated the whole afternoon. Time is passed to blog now but still you will find many interesting info about the vent in the pages I indicated. Otherwise, come back in a couple of days and more news will be available.