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Enriching my blog with podcasts from Odeo

Time ago I tested Odeo, a podcasting resource you can use as a radio channel, a recording studio or a place to store your audio files. Now, I have the possibility to integrate it in my blog, and there it is, you can now listen from here to the Welcome message to Com4Dev channel:


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Podcast and podcasting

Something to know:

Podcast – in common use, the term refers to audio files published to the web along with a news feed, letting users subscribe to a series of shows and download them automatically. Podcasts are a collection of files, such as audio MP3 files or other media files, referenced in an RSS 2.0 news feed as enclosures.

Podcasting – the process of publishing audio files, typically in MP3 format, along with news feeds so that listeners can download them and listen to them on their computer or portable digital audio player.

What makes podcasting special is that it allows individuals to publish (podcast) radioshows, that interested listeners can subscribe to. Before podcasting you could of course record a radio show and put it on your website, but now people can automatically receive new shows, without having to go to a specific site and download it from there.

So, when you see this sign podcasting you know that someone is podcasting.

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How to Podcast

We need to understand how to podcast.
This means that we need to transform a single audio file in a real podcast.The steps we have to follow are:

  1. produce audio files and we store them somewhere on the web,
  2. publish them in our blogs or webpages,
  3. create podcast feeds,
  4. promote them using services like iPodder, iTunes, etc.

It seems difficult but it is not so. Start reading this tutorial about the whole process.

Then, when you have a clearer idea, go into every single step of the process using the guidelines provided by the tutorial.

In the meanwhile, have a look to a Podcast Publishing Software list.

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My new Podcast station opened!

Something very interesting happened last Friday.

I discovered Odeo, a very interesting place that allows everyone to open a podcast station. What make me very surprised is that, with a microphone and a couple of speakers, you can have a podcast station ready to transmit in few minutes.

Try it and try to listen to my new podcast channel called Communication for Development at I will add soon new files with more explanations on my new projects on com4dev.

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Podcasting supporting rural radios

Interesting news from the world of “podcasting for development” (shall we start talking about “poddev” ?!?! 🙂 ). In Peru, Practical Action is testing the potential of podcasting to disseminate knowledge and information for poverty reduction, using a mixture of new and old technology. Read more about this experiment at