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The King’s Speech

What an intense scene!!!

The final speech by the British King George VI at the beginning of the World War II. His relationship with Mr Logue, the speech therapist who helped him against his stammer, is the key for him, for the entire Nation, and, now we can say, for the rest of the World thanks to England’s victory in WWII.

Have a look at the beginning of the speech (after 30″): Logue and the King’s wife made everything, the room, the mic, the light, everything comfortable for him, to give him a nice feeling of being at home, at his ease. The way we all facilitators should act when preparing our projects and supporting our practitioners.

Many messages behind that speech: passion for his profession, trust, perseverance, friendship, support, peer-to-peer: everything seems really web2.0 BUT it just happened 70 years ago!


the social network

I just saw “The social network“, the movie about the rise of facebook.

the social network

I found very interesting seeing how Mark Zuckerberg put together the pieces of his creature. Two main ingredients were at the basis: his deep consciousness of what his creature should be AND an ear always open to listen to what people have in mind.

Mark says: “We are talking about taking the entire social experience of the college and put it online.

Mark had the ability to perceive that “the social experience of the college” can be so fascinated and attracting for people AND the capacity to read the Web and to put online such an experience.

If and when you are really able to have such a clear line in your mind and simultaneously take in consideration the needs of your users then, I think, you reached the “secret” for your success.