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Blogging from your iPhone

WordPress released an application with which you can blog directly from your iPhone. You can download it form here.

I’ve been starting using it!


Can you imagine what does that mean in addition to another app which can record voices, the images you shot with the embedded camera and the video you can ultimately shot with the same camera? The list on the Appstore is already very long!

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Mobile Telephony in Rural Area – Final greetings

The Forum on Mobile Telephony just ended. I think this has been a very interesting discussion, not only for the postings themselves, but mainly for the large number and value of people involved, experiences described and points of view reflected during two weeks.

To give an idea the complexity and the value of our last discussion in this thread, I used wordle to create a cloud with the words used in the last conversation. In the image below you can see the graphical result of this exercise.


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Jan Chipchase at TED

These days we are ending the Forum on Mobile Telephony in Rural Areas with the question: “What is your vision for the future? Here we are looking for suggestions for new services or improving existing services, and ideas for collaboration going forward?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some interesting ideas from Jan Chipchase at TED about the future of mobile. I’ll blog earlier next week about the ideas and visions coming out of the Forum.

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Map of mobile projects for development

To have a visual approach to mobile for development, I prepared a map on GoogleMaps to distribute geographically the projects I’ve been monitoring so far:

It would be very nice if people knowing other projects would like to contribute to this mapping effort.

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Will cellphones replace other ICTs?

With his article called “Rural communication: Is there still a need for telecentres now that there are mobile phones?Ion Howard of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) affords a very interesting topic.

The problem is real: will mobile phones replace other ICTs wherever they are not yet developed? In my opinion, they are a killer app BUT they won’t replace other tools completely because of their intrinsic limitation and the inability to manage certain kind of services.

On the contrary they are a very good complement to other ICTs, and particularly the Internet, mainly for their lower costs, the widespread ability of people to manage them, their usability and ubiquity. The idea is to focus today on the way to design this convergence between different technology and plan new integrated services.

Say your thought about this topic in the online Forum on Mobile Telephony in Rural Areas!

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Forum on Mobile Telephony in Rural Areas

The Forum is up and running.

People from more than 40 different countries already introduced themselves and are ready to share experience, ideas and vision with us.

Join it at