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Is “push” technology on mobile phones so helpful for your job?

Some thinking on the never ending discussion on “push” and “pull” technology, with particular implication for mobile phones.

I keep on reading commercials and articles about the importance, for professionals, of push access to email.  I’ve always thought that time and concentration are key while working. Usually we don’t have time to do things or, whenever we find some, we have to fight with “noises” like phones ringing, people asking, email coming, people talking, etc.

So, from the point of view of a professional, the question is: what’s the need of being bothered by ringtones and messages coming to my phone when I don’t  “need” them? Why being forced to receive emails if I don’t have time to read or  reply because I’m working on something else?

In the past, the problem was to have people connected, in a way or another. Today, in most of the cases this is not a  problem anymore. Once we are sure that people are connected, responsible and able to manage their affairs in the best way is possible, do we really think that “push” technology is so important to guarantee their productivity?

I do this reflection because I keep on hearing that BlackBerry potentiality for business is so much higher because of the “push” technology this kind of phone provides, maybe like no other phone. And that the other phones, like iPhone, which have “push” feature only as addition and just recently, cannot compete  for professionals. In parallel I heard many, if not all those who received a BlackBerry from their company, complaining for the fact of being hammered in by incoming mails. As a result, I find all this promotion of “push” technology very strange.

I’d like my device to allow me to connect to my mailbox whenever I do want it and not necessarily whenever one server does. So, I consider the “push” feature interesting but anything more and I appreciate more the option of being connected or “isolated” only according to my needs of the moment.

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Marketing of mobile telephony in Tanzania

Back from my trip in Tanzania I have to show an interesting collection of images about marketing of mobile telephony around the country. As you can see they are pretty aggressive!

From cars to charts

From walls to houses

From billboards to shops


And they have clients of every age!  🙂