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The Spirit of the Share Fair 2011

Today the Second AgriKnowledge Share Fair starts.

Before anything else, we, the Steering Committee, think the Spirit of the participation to this event to be crucial.

Interview with Willem Bettink - one of the organizers of the #sfrome

I like very much Willem’s description of the spirit of the Share Fair 2011.

The first and main aspiration is to “have a lot of fun”: we need to chill out, talk to other people, get out of our daily routine and breath fresh air to bring innovation and new idea in what we are doing

This is the spirit we want and need to transmit to all the participants and to our institutions, in general. If people will come out of the the week with this spirit permeating their job, then our work can be considered successful.

Let us know this spirit is able to conquer your soul and your job.

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Share Fair 2011

September 2011 is a very long and intense month.

After the two events at FAO (the CSDI Stocktaking exercise and the ComDev Expert consultation), it is now time for an important event taking place at IFAD: the Share Fair 2011.

Share Fair 2011

I will have plenty of occasions to meet with people:

  • the Training on Photosharing (11:00 – 12:30, room C400),
  • the session called “Radio Lake Victoria assist Kenyan farmers with nitty-gritty of food security” (12:00-13:00, room B200),
  • the session named “FARM 98.0 FM: Your vocal gateway to agricultural information” (16:00-17:00, room C300),
  • the session on “5 years sharing coffee and knowledge: the Bluebar experience” (14.00 – 15.30 Tent: Chill-out Corner),
  • the Chill-out with Mark Davies (15:30-16:30 Tent – Chill-out Corner), and
  • the Social Reporting Team

The final Agenda of the Fair is available here.

This is not going to be alone, as at the ned of the week the km4dev annual meeting will also take place, in the same venue with even more people and things to learn.

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FAO celebrates Staff Day

Few weeks ago we have celebrated Staff Day at FAO. It follows the Vision Day, we had last November 2009.

This event provoked a great mix of reactions, inside and outside the building. Personally, I’m totally in favour of such an event, in particular if aimed at highlighting the greatest resource that an organization as FAO has: its staff. Sometimes this seems to be underestimated or forgotten just as if the organization could work as an automated company or a bureaucratic place.

People, and not activities or projects, are key and they always have to keep it in mind. This is particularly true, when the organization is a “knowledge organization” as FAO is.

FAO Staff Day photogallery

Some notes:

  • First clarification: when I talk about staff, I include everyone serving the agency and not just one or more categories of workers.
  • Second: I consider human beings, their abilities, their behaviour, their minds, the greatest resource for the agency and, as consequence, any prodding and stimulation that can revive our objectives are always welcome.