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We want to rebuild Italy!

Even if it other bad news submerge it, we want everyone to know that we are heavily working to rebuild Italy.

We are rebuilding Italy

In these days of celebrations, it is particularly important to remind it to everyone.

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150th Anniversary for Italy

Today is a very important day for Italy.

150th Anniversary of the unity of ItalyToday we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of our unity: from 1861 t0 2011.

Even if we are leaving a very bad/sad period of our history, I have to say that I really love my country and I wish it a future full of energy and vitality!

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WIRED.IT is in the bookshop!

Benvenuto WIRED.IT!!!

We are very glad that the Italian edition of WIRED is coming in our bookshop!
Read the editorial which introduces this new entry and the scenario the publication wants to describe and sustain will be clear!

I really appreciated the following lines:

“Wired siete voi,
voi che vi entusiasmate per un progetto che ci migliora la vita, voi che credete nel valore della comunicazione e della condivisione delle idee, voi che scegliete di lavorare assieme per un grande obiettivo, voi che fate ricerca scientifica ogni anno con meno fondi eppure non mollate, voi che conoscete il senso profondo della rete nel paese d’Europa che la usa peggio.”

Italy is living a very difficult season and finding someone who has and encourage this perspective and feelings is quite rare today around the peninsula.