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Why I do choose Firefox as my favourite browser

I see many people around talking about Firefox and IE. Personally, this is something very important for my job and I have my idea: I spend my time on the Internet to understand it and to be able to suggest my colleagues how to use it properly to better their job. So, the first question for me is: “how to browse the Web” which means: “how to work everyday”.

I don’t want to tell you “what” to choose and I don’t want to replicate the usual discussion about choosing one browser or the other. I just want to proceed a different way, with the following question: “what do I need when I browse the web?”. And my answers are:
– I particularly appreciate innovation and speed. I like to have the possibility to go deeper in a website or a webpage and be able to analyze more things than a usual surfer does. to do that, I need specific instruments.

– Second, I like customizable environments which make me feel “at home”. Changing colors, icons, buttons, toolbars, etc. is a way to make mine something I use so a lot.

– Third, I have my ideas and philosophy and I appreciate when I find support and correspondence to them during my job. I like them and I support them the way I can.

So, now that I have cleared my needs, let’s see what fits with them:

– First, evolution: Firefox is a relatively new product with many different versions and evolutions during the past two years and many more to come. IE is very static and has not changed much during last five years. Moreover, Firefox provided features not adopted by IE like the tab-browsing, a better bookmarks management, an easy way to control security options and an interesting way to plug-in new extensions.

– Second, customization. With Firefox I can reshape almost everything in the tool, from look and feel to functionality. IE does not permit anything like that.

– Third, I like the “open source philosophy“. Firefox is an open source product while IE is not at all.

At the end of this discussion, I ‘m sure it is quite clear what browser I’m using…