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Rome group of KM4Dev met yesterday

Yesterday the Rome group of KM4Dev met for the second time since January ’09, when the idea was launched during the ShareFair 09.


As you can see for this picture everybody enjoyed the meeting and the idea of creating a new group. 😉

The main topic debated was: CMS implementation and related training needs. The discussions grew over the present need to give a house on the Web to many different teams inside the organizations we are working for. FAO and IDLO are actually using TYPO3 to produce new websites and online environments but this created some problems both for the final users and the facilitators/trainers/knowledge managers because of the lack of specific skills and appropriate technical knowledge that this tool specific system needs.

As a consequence, awareness has raised in the group that appropriate training, both for users and for facilitators, is absolutely needed. In our case, the intermediaries between technical departments and final users (officers of different departments and their team), it is important to pass the ownership of the sites to the final users and create real capacities. Lately, the perception arose about high costs and difficulties (at least in Rome) that specific training on TYPO3 have.

While discussing these problems, a voice from outside the “chorus” told the assembly: “This choice seems to be particularly inefficient both in terms of cost and time. Why did you choose such a tool that is difficult and cost much in terms of training and knowledge acquisition? Have these parameters been considered at the moment of the choice? ”

This observation led the group to conclude that, while evaluating a tool, the analysis of the final users’ needs and abilities is fundamental (if not the main parameter to consider for the final choice).