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Visiting the radio and video studio of FAO

Some days ago a group of communicators working for different services of FAO had a very interesting visit to the radio and video studio of the organization.

Ten of us, part of the “bluebar” communicators list, spent the morning with the responsible for the infrastructure debating on: how to use the facility, the recent and past products of the studio (the production is accessible online via the audio, video and webcasting pages), the FAO communication policy and other issues related to our jobs.

In few lines, I found this gathering very interesting for different reasons:

  • it was a real visit in the “field” as the infrastructure has been refreshed very recently and many of us were not aware yet of the new possibilities offered by the studio;
  • it was a meeting among colleagues and a good occasion to discuss, outside formal occasions, reciprocal points of view and difficulties (different and sometimes opposite opinions came out but mutual understanding won), and current issues related to our work and the future of our organization;
  • it became a source of ideas and will to create new initiatives inside the house (something that’s crucial in these days, while waiting for the organization’s restructure and in the light of the activities of the “Culture Change team“).