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the panelist

Very interesting meeting yesterday in Rome organized by @donatelladr with the stars of the web2.0 scenario in the Middle East:

– Laith M. Zraikat co-founder and chief product officer of, the largest Arab online community with 1,5 millions registered users and more than 7 millions of unique visitors per month.

– Nadine Toukan co-founder and tribe-leader of UrdunMubdi3 (Creative Jordan), a social network of people who desire to make Jordan a creative economy, lifestyle and mindstyle.

Unfortunately Habib Haddad co-founder of, who was also expected, could not participate due to visa problems.

We always think that in that part of the world is difficult if not impossible to find innovation while these people clearly demonstrated the contrary.


“We Have a Drinking Problem!”

We Have a Drinking Problem” it is the title of the campaign we launched today in the FAO Headquarters to put in evidence the high number of plastic bottles produced everyday and the need to reduce this volume pretty soon. An art installation has been mounted in the Atrium to give people the perception of the the volume of plastic we produce during a working week.

It must be clear to everyone that a response from us is needed and some behaviours have to change to decrease our impact on the environment. As first answers we can:

  • drink water using refillable cups, and
  • use the water fountains scattered around the buildings can help a lot.

A big thank to all the people who helped in the preparation and production of the installation. In particular, a special remark for my friend Architect Claudia Fano of BlueA Studio of Rome for the design of the bottles installation.

Have a look at the gallery on the installation.