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FAO in emergencies mobile App

After long, but good work, we released the NEW FAO in emergencies mobile App for iPhone and iPad.

It is publicly available on iTunes and it is free.


With the App is possible to access most of the content of the FAO in emergencies website, with a specific focus on the emergency projects that FAO is implementing.

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Blogging from your iPhone

WordPress released an application with which you can blog directly from your iPhone. You can download it form here.

I’ve been starting using it!


Can you imagine what does that mean in addition to another app which can record voices, the images you shot with the embedded camera and the video you can ultimately shot with the same camera? The list on the Appstore is already very long!


Mobile Phones for Social Change in Africa

cellphoneLast thinking before going to vacation: how to use mobile phones to support social change in Africa, moving web activities towards the cellphones and possibly other devices.

In Almada we talked about future applications of KM on mobile phone. Communication Initiative recently dedicated its newsletter to initiatives involving cell phones in Africa.


Two weeks ago, I re-launched this stimulus to the km4dev list and received a long list of activities and projects already going on. Interesting!

I’ll spend the calm weeks of August reading and studying to understand what the needs are and what can work. 😉

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Going online today

Do you want to create a multimedia presence on the Web?

Go for it: it has never been so easy!

Ok, here are the steps:

  1. create a BLOG on WordPress, the place where you are going to take note of your thinking, day by day, experience after experience;
  2. open a PHOTO ALBUM on flickr, as images are very useful to illustrate your thinking and ideas;
  3. record and publish PODCASTS with Odeo, as you may want to use other form of communication to express your ideas and/or record the experiences you have;
  4. select some nice MUSIC on radioblogclub, to make your blog more warm and open to your readers;
  5. write down your MEETINGS on Google calendar, to have a plan of your activities and share them with other colleagues, friends, visitors;
  6. locate your POSITION on Goggle Maps, as positioning on planet Earth is a warm sign for your visitors;
  7. collect your favourite LINKS on, to share your browsing experience with other surfers;
  8. take notes of your ACTIVITIES on zohoplanner, to organize your job, your hobbies and your activities;
  9. select your favourite VIDEOS on youTube, if you want to keep track of your favorite shows;
  10. MASH all these things UP!

mash up

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Petition for free access to water

Interesting use of the Internet to spread to voice about one of the main future topics of development: Water. Here is the example of Votre Goutte d’eau and their petition to highlight the problem of free access to water for everyone


Online petition are a viral way to involve people not only with direct actions but mainly in their getting in touch with a problem or a movement.

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Tips to increase Firefox capacities

Using Firefox is very simple and comfortable. It offers many different innovative features like the tabbed browsing, the automatic update, and comfortable system to manage all personal data, including browsing history, cookies, Web form entries and passwords.

In addition, everyone can install some add-ons which extend the funcionalities of the standard browser. Here is a list of recommended extensions:
Colorful Tabs helps to distinguish among different tabs;
ColorZilla helps you pick the code of colours used in a the page you are visinting;
CSSViewer if you want to see the CSS of the site you are visiting;
CustomizeGoogle to allow you to make the same research on Google and other search engine;
Deepest Sender to blog directly from you browser without going to the blog site; to add links to you account;
DictionarySearch to right click on a word in a webpage and search for it on Google;
FoxClocks to see timezones in a small box;
Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer to store your bookmarks and share them wherever you are, whatever pc you are using;
Full Screen to have a full screen view button;
Gmail Manager to help monitor your Gmail account without going to the it;
Google Calendar Notifier to monitor your Google calendar without going there;
Google Notebook to collect notes;
GooglePreview to see a preview image of the site searched on Google;
IE Tab to see a webpage at the IE way;
LinkPreview to preview the site a link is going to;
Linky to open more links at a time;
ListZilla to list your extensions;
mozcc to verify copyrights of the page you are visiting;
Options Menu to visualize quickly the options of your installed extensions;
PDF Download to choose whether to open or download a PDF file;
Print/Print Preview to visualize a button to see the preview of your prints;
ScrapBook to easily save webpages;
Screen grab! to grab a screenshot image;
Tab Mix Plus mainly to restore previous sessions;
Web Developer to work on a web page and study it;
Yoono to share with other people your preferences.