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Peer assist = fear assist?

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Are we too proud to ask for a peer assist of our job?

I have the doubt that we all have problems with other people’s commenting our ideas and proposals. That’s why, when I think about peer assist (one of the most common knowledge sharing techniques), I wonder why it is not always adopted when we produce something of a certain “value”. I mean: the methodology is very easy, the contribution can be very useful, the benefits are clear. Still, peer assist is used only in a minority of cases.

This post has been in my mind for long time and now the moment came to put it down on paper.

Behind this, is there the fear to be judged? Is there a certain worry to be compared to someone else’s idea and suddenly discover that our job is not so fundamental?

These are, as usual, open questions. If you have comments, please do not hesitate to post them so as the reflection and the therapy for our fears is yet to be found!


Author: Luca Servo @ talksharelearn

Passionate about social media, development projects and the world. Currently, I’m supporting the Emergency Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in managing its online communication through the website, the social media and the mobile apps.

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