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Training Session on “The World Café”


Yesterday afternoon we had a very useful and well organized training session on “what is and how to use” the The World Café facilitation method.

The agenda of the typical World Café session is:

  • Intro & explanations,
  • 3 questions: presentation and debate,
  • Reporting by the “guests”,
  • Additional feedback by participants.

The World Café training session at FAO

Some notes:

  • very useful method to get in touch, in short time, with people you don’t know;
  • the choice of questions is fundamental as well as the relation among them;
  • the questions can have different “directions” (from the more generic to the more specific or vice versa) and the time for the groups to debate is getting shorter and shorter to help focusing on the points;
  • the number of questions can vary according to the needs;
  • given the same question, the tables focused on different aspects (I found the complementarity of the answer very  interesting);
  • it can help you much getting closer to the solution, but not necessarily to find it;
  • it can be used also to manage such a topic as the SWOT analysis (in alternative you could use the Appreciative Inquiry).

Thanks Nadia, Gauri and Sophie and I know that this is just the beginning of a long series of training!!


Author: Luca Servo @ talksharelearn

Passionate about social media, development projects and the world. Currently, I’m supporting the Emergency Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in managing its online communication through the website, the social media and the mobile apps.

3 thoughts on “Training Session on “The World Café”

  1. Thank you for attending and making it a success! You are right, hopefully, this is just the start..

  2. Thanks for posting. It is good to know about from the start and for those of us who are not physically there.

    • Hi Franz, thank you for keeping on following us in what we do here in Rome. I know it is hard to follow activities without been in the middle of them. Please keep on reminding us that you are there so as we can better the ways to get you and the others involved

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