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This morning I had the chance to observe something incredible: thousands and thousands of messages on twitter about the Gfail that’s to say the fail of Gmail’s servers.

It was incredible to see, using twitterfall, the ways people reacted to this event. When I came back after lunch, there were over 8.000 messages in line about the topic. You can read some comments I ReTwittered. Every human feeling was there: form incredulity to anger, from pain to discomfort, from unconsciousness to happiness!

Gfail comments4-twitterfall3-twitterfall

Two open questions on our dependencies after this event:

  • first of all: how much do we depend on this or that service provider and how much power do “monopolies” have in the ICT society?
  • second: how much do we rely on email for our communication and business?

Author: Luca Servo @ talksharelearn

Passionate about social media, development projects and the world. Currently, I’m supporting the Emergency Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in managing its online communication through the website, the social media and the mobile apps.

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