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My dear friend Nancy White, suggested the following way to concentrate:

“…we brainstormed the idea of a 5 minute reflection. The idea is to do something small and simple and look for the cumulative effect of doing the practice over time.

Every day, at the same time of day, you take a moment to reflect on some aspect of the day, then take a moment to think about your intentions for the next day. The reflection can be about any part of your life or day. What’s important is the regular practice.
The second part of the idea was to have someone with whom you can talk about this practice. That part we’re still working on, but if anyone is interested in playing with this idea with me, let me know. One idea was to have a regular telephone call date and whomever shows up does the shared conversation. Perhaps some might like to microblog about their reflections and we aggregate them (tags on blog posts, # signs for twitter posts, etc.).”
I think it is very good suggestion and I’ll try to do it. I’m not sure I will be able!

Author: Luca Servo @ talksharelearn

Passionate about social media, development projects and the world. Currently, I’m supporting the Emergency Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in managing its online communication through the website, the social media and the mobile apps.

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