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Tim Berners-Lee

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Tim berners-LeeA quick tribute to the man we have to thank if we are here writing or reading this post and doing one billion other things on the Web: Tim Berners-Lee, the guy who invented the WWW. By chance, this morning I got into his blog and I saw something really fascinating: the screenshot of the first browser invented by Tim. Well, it seems prehistoric but so fascinating that I thought nice to remind this steps in the story of the Net. Have a look at his site and his job.

Also, I fully agree with Tim’s recognition of the importance of links in the Web culture. He writes:

The way quality works on the web is through links.

This post is a concrete demonstration of his analysis: I recognize Tim’s importance, the value of his notes and share them with you, using just a link to his blog!

Thanks a lot Tim!


Author: Luca Servo @ talksharelearn

Passionate about social media, development projects and the world. Currently, I’m supporting the Emergency Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in managing its online communication through the website, the social media and the mobile apps.

One thought on “Tim Berners-Lee

  1. You can read more about Tim and other people who have been fundamental in the development of the web to here.

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